Liz Mason your Virtual Personal Assistant

I am an excellent Virtual Assistant. I serve my clients in a professional, technical manner and provide creative assistance from a home office. I offer my services as a temporary or full-time worker and can be hired as needed to perform tasks remotely.  I am good at my job and I carry out work with the utmost attention to detail and deadlines.

I am willing to  and indeed  do  learn new skills in order to advance myself in all walks  of life and in the workplace. I seek out assistance as and when needed.  I work when office hours have long past, which takes me way beyond the call of duty to make sure at the end of my work day, that I can look at myself in the mirror and be proud of who I am and what I have accomplished during the day.

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest, I rate myself as a 10+, because of my willingness to go that extra mile and not give up, even if it seems as if all is working against me. I am not a quitter but rather a go-getter.

I am familiar with and use Google apps, WordPress, Microsoft Word and all the office products,  various other applications and gadgets. If I find one that I do not know how to use, I teach myself by watching videos or the many tutorials and learning tools that are available and accessible to all.

I work with Google Calendar,  and when a client requires, I share the calendar with them so they will know my planned schedule. If an emergency arises, I can handle it with speed so that it does not drop into the virtual black hole.

My English is impeccable, as I am an American. I do use a dictionary and a thesaurus as and when needed, because there is no one person who knows it all, therefore guides must be utilized. I am a trained Private Investigator and a Mediator; therefore confidentiality is my first, middle and last name. You are assured of having a professional on your team at all times.


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