Some of my Earned Certificates

As I am always continuing my education, I guess one could say that I am a professional student. Although most of my knowledge comes from the school of hard knocks, I know that employers want to see more.

I have included only a small portion of the certificates I have earned and I am always studying and learning more. I figure the more education I can get the better.


If there is a subject that I know little about, I will do my research and find out all I can about the subject. If there is a certificate to be earned, I will continue to earn them.

I know so many people who are out of work that have degrees upon degrees, but yet they are unable to gain a position. Many employers will say that a person is either over qualified or under qualified, sorry to say, but to me personally, there is no such thing as being over qualified.

Employers may not be willing to pay what a person is worth, but when one is willing to negotiate their services, there is no reason why one cannot gain employment of some kind.


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