As a Virtual Assistant I can perform many duties that your normal office employees may not have the time or the knowledge to perform. The information on the right gives you a good indication of my abilities and knowledge of what I can do to make your business more efficient and profitable.

As a Virtual Assistant I am available to you as and when required and always work the necessary hours to get the work done in a timely and professional manner.

As a Virtual Assistant I am able to perform the duties you require with confidence and adhering to confidentiality and non-disclosure laws are one of my specialties.

My background of Private Investigations makes me one of the best Virtual Assistants that you could hire today.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is one of the best things you can do for your business, as we are independent contractors and you are not responsible for taxes, training, travel etc. unless the training is specialized for your business and the travel is for your business.

Because the economy is forcing many people to make changes in their lives, so too is the way in which business owners conduct and carry out their duties in the business world. Going Virtual saves you Time, Money and Reputation.

No assignment is too small or too large for me to handle with prompt, efficient, professional and courteous attention. I keep up to date with the different time zones all over the world. I am available as and when needed.

Deep Internet Research      Answer correspondence promptly

Research the best deals possible for travel, hotel accommodations and conferences

SEO services for your website. Manage e-mails, weed out the junk mail

Link building with the appropriate companies  for your business

Prepare spreadsheets in Excel. Prepare Power-Point presentations

Google Applications including Google Wave, Google Chat and Google Calendar

Skype for all your VOIP conversations and virtual meetings

Twitter daily updates or set up your Twitter account

Facebook, keep you up dated

Marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn and any other networking tools available to you as a business owner

Website design and maintenance to make sure you are able to stay ahead of your competition.  Word Press pages, somewhat expert.

Proofreading and editing of all types of document.

Mediation Service

If you have a case that requires a Mediator, I am qualified and trained. I listen to the parties involved and allow them the opportunity to commit to a mutually beneficial agreement. I am non-bias and LISTEN with intense integrity. I guarantee all parties total confidentiality.


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